The Pet Yeti is the colorful debut pedal by Massachusetts-based builder Cosmodio. A super-flexible, fully analog fuzzstortion with an added bit crusher circuit, the Pet Yeti is an original design that can offer tones from the classic to the unusual, and from the subtle to the monstrous.

The circuit offers three voices via the Voice toggle on the top of the case, each offering a variety of clipping diodes (op-amp, Germanium or Silicon diodes) and symmetry options. The combination of the Gain knob and the Strength toggle can produce a variety of tones: clean boost, overdrive, distortion, and even take you to more dangerous and borderline traumatizing sonic places.

The Shape knob selects the signal’s frequencies that hit the distortion stage, functioning as a pre-Tone control at lower gain setting, but delivering more unpredictable results when the other controls are maxed out. The Tone knob, on the other hand, is the more traditional, “post-distortion” EQ control.

The Bite control activates the bit crusher which transforms the signal into a square wave with results ranging from the fuzzy to the synthy and even glitchy/gated.

Luckily, the Pet Yeto lets you mix back in the dry signal thanks to the Clean knob, which acts as a sonic moderator.

Check out what kind of sounds this beast can make.