Hand-built in a workshop in a garden workshop in Northamptonshire, UK, the Reeves Electro Facet IZ is a (gorgeous-looking) Fuzz Face variant built around a pair of Micro Electronics C1016Y yellow dot silicon transistors. The case is screen-printed using glossy enamel ink.

Adding a Tone control to the typical Fuzz Face two-knob layout (comprising Volume and Fuzz), the Facet IZ surrenders some of the glassy clean-up typical of this circuit in favor of a more fat and aggressive fuzz tone that’s still able to keep some of the performance’s dynamics at lower guitar volumes.

There’s also a variant on this model, the Facet FF, a more faithful (or entirely faithful, according to the builder) reproduction of the 1969 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face, vintage parts and all (although, quite clearly, the case is different!).

Videos of the Reeves Electro Facet IZ

Videos of the Reeves Electro Facet FF