Rush PepBox Fuzz 2.0

Originally built in 1965 by London-based Pepe Rush, the vintage Rush Pepbox is an ultra-rare device that has recently sold for over 2,000 British pounds. It’s so rare we can’t even find a picture of it online – it was the first fuzz pedal ever manufactured in the UK, and in all likelihood the second in the world after the US-made Maestro Fuzz-Tone.

Pepe’s Daughter, Lucy Rush, has embarked in the mission to recreate her father’s creation in all its raw fuzzy glory within a format more friendly for the modern guitarist. Enter the Rush PepBox Fuzz 2.0. She was recently interviewed on the JHS Show.

This new version keeps the same germanium circuit as the original and offers the same velcroy and gritty sound. The case also maintains the wedge shape of the original but it’s quite a bit smaller, while the controls (Pep and Level) are moved to the front panel to facilitate access.

Check out how it sounds in the video below.