The world is full of octave-up fuzzes that cut through dense arrangements. the Catalinbread Perseus Dio V2, an octave-down fuzz, won’t do that, but it will provide audacious guitarists with a unique synth tone for the ages. (Here’s a list of other octave-down pedals we covered in the blog).

This new version (the original came out in the mid ’10s) offers advanced controls and flexible filtering.

This all-analog circuit features a 3-voice mixer section, including a 1-octave down knob, 2-octave down knob, and a “Dry” control, which gives you a slightly distorted version of your guitar’s signal. Individually, these three voices create a deep square-wave sound, which can then be drastically altered cia the filter section, which has a dedicated Filter knob for each sub-octave voice.

The necessary Dry knob does more than just blend the dry signal: it adds grit and punch to your guitar’s base signal. Increasing this control boosts your signal, helping it align with the Perseus DIO’s transposed tones. Additionally, the Dry setting introduces a bit of light distortion to your tone for a raw, biting sound.

Hear the sound of the Catalinbread Perseus Dio in the videos below.

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