On this page, you will find a list of pedals that defy categorization or have particularly original functions.


Best Creative Delay Pedals
Best Reverb Pedals For Ambient and Shoegaze
Best Granular, Glitch and Stutter Pedals
Best Bitcrusher Pedals
Best Ring Modulation Pedals
Best Pedals for Synths with CV In

Below, the latest creative pedals releases.

Old Blood Noise Screen Violence Modulated Reverb

Chase Bliss Audio Blooper

AC Noises Urla CMOS Fuzz + Filter

Red Panda Bitmap 2 Stereo Bitcrusher

Pigtronix Gloamer Volume Swell + Compressor

Walrus Audio Melee Distortion + Reverb

Universal Audio UAFX DelVerb Ambience Companion

Pigtronix Echolution 3 Multi-Tap Stereo Delay

Beetronics Zzombee Filtremulator

GFI System Duophony Signal Blender

New Pedal: Asheville Music Tools AFG-1 Flanger

TC Electronic Infinite Mini Sample Sustainer