The Chase Bliss Lossy is a collaboration with audio plugin builder Goodhertz, and could be described as a digital version of the company’s Generation Loss, informed by Goodhertz’s plugin of the same name.

Where Generation Loss originated as an effect intent to recreate the sonic artifact of the analog VHS tape, Lossy shifts the focus on the imperfections of digital audio, like overcompressed mp3s, broken cellphones, 56k modems, etc. Needless to say, the plugin’s algorithm was enhanced by the Chase Bliss treatment, while the hardware makes it ready for use during a performance, something that wasn’t so easy with the plugin version.

The pedal, which is fully stereo, also has some entirely new features including a built-in limiter, evolving spectral freeze, All Wet mode and Slow mode.

As we have come to expect from Chase Bliss, this pedal is packed with knob and switches. This graphic embedded in the pedal’s manual perfectly explains each function on the top panel (click to zoom).

Chase Bliss Lossy Control Explanation

This one explains the functions of the 16 DIP switches on the back panel.

Chase Bliss Lossy Back Panel Control Explanation

To get an idea of what it can do to your sound, here are the videos: