GRNDCTRL - UwU Virtual Pet Buffer
The GRNDCTRL UwU Virtual Pet Buffer is a buffer pedal that has a virtual pet feature and a mini arcade feature. The pedal is currently available for preorder and will start shipping in March 2024.

The buffer feature of the UwU is based on an opamp circuit that has high input impedance (1M?) and low output impedance (25?), as well as 18v of headroom. This feature helps to prevent signal loss in long cable runs or complex pedal chains.

The virtual pet feature of the UwU is a unique and interactive function that responds to the user’s playing. The virtual pet can gain experience points and levels, and display different pixel art animations. The user can also interact with the virtual pet by pressing the pedal switch.

The mini arcade feature of the UwU is a fun and nostalgic function that allows the user to play three classic arcade games on the pedal’s screen. The games are Neko Invader, Fishy Blox, and Longcat. The user can control the games by using the pedal knobs and switch.

The UwU is a creative and versatile pedal that combines the functionality of a buffer, the entertainment of a virtual pet, and the nostalgia of a mini arcade. It is a pedal that can appeal to both guitarists and gamers.