Universal Audio UAFX DelVerb Ambience Companion

The Universal Audio UAFX DelVerb Ambience Companion is one of the three pedals released at NAMM 2023 by the pro audio company turned stompbox builder. It’s a dual delay + reverb pedal with a separate footswitch and three modes for each effect.

The delay, which has a separate control for modulation, is first in chain and features modes for Analog, Tape, and Digital, while on the reverb side, you’ll be able to choose from Spring, Plate, and Hall. Needless to say, all the algorithms found here are borrowed from Universal Audio’s library of pro audio plugins.

The pedal’s form factor remains faithful to the one seen in other pedals in this line, slightly wider than a compact pedal, and the controls include six knobs two toggles to select the modes and two footswitches.

There’s also an app that allows, among other things, tweaking settings and managing presets.

Universal Audio UAFX DelVerb Ambience Companion, Builder’s Notes

Built upon award-winning UAFX dual?engine processing and stunning sonic authenticity, Del?Verb Ambience Companion packs ready?to?wear emulations of classic reverb and delay effects, in a pedal designed for immediate inspiration.

Add Three Desert Island Reverbs to your Pedalboard
From the tube-driven springs of an American mid-’60s combo to the haunting sound of a German plate reverb and the lushness of an ’80s digital studio classic, Del-Verb gives you the same reverb algorithms found in Golden Reverberator, the TEC Award winner for Best Effects Pedal in 2022.

Get Lost in Legendary Delay Textures
Whether it’s the warm repeats of a ’70s Maestro EP-III tape echo, the thick color of an Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, or UA’s modern-sounding Precision Delay, Del-Verb’s suitcase is packed with the definitive effects found in UA’s mothership — Starlight Echo Station — for easy access to killer sounds in a flash.*

Dual Stereo Effect Engines for a Trip to Remember
Del-Verb Ambience Companion’s powerful engine runs separate stereo instances of each reverb and delay — letting you creatively combine effects with stunning three-dimensional stereo depth that is unmatched by any other stompbox.

Personalize your Pedal with a Mobile App
With the UAFX Control app, you can add tap tempo and download custom voicings for each effect.