Aviate Audio, Multiverse Player Edition
The Aviate Audio Multiverse Player Edition is a unique pedal that allows you to design and program your own effects.

The Multiverse pedal works with the Multiverse Designer plugin, which is a software interface that lets you create and edit effects using a graphical user interface. You can choose from a variety of components, such as filters, oscillators, modulators, and more, and connect them in different ways to create custom sounds. You can also use impulse responses to simulate different speakers and cabinets.

The Multiverse pedal has a 1.3″ OLED display that shows the name and parameters of the current effect. It also has four rotary encoders with switches that let you adjust and select settings. It includes two stomp switches that let you bypass the effect or switch between presets. You can also attach two external expression pedals to control parameters while you play.

The Multiverse pedal has stereo input and output jacks that support 1/4″ TRS cables. It also has a MIDI input that lets you control the pedal with external MIDI devices. It has a USB C port that lets you connect the pedal to a computer and use it as an audio interface. You can also use the USB C port to transfer effects between the pedal and the plugin.

The Multiverse pedal has a powerful processor that runs at 600 MHz and supports 48 kHz sampling rate. It can handle complex and high-quality effects with low latency and noise. It can be powered by either a DC power input or the USB C port.

The Multiverse pedal is a versatile and creative tool that gives you the freedom to make your own effects. It is ideal for musicians who want to explore new sounds and possibilities. It is also a great way to learn about audio synthesis and signal processing.