Alabs Cetus Stereo Reverb

Alabs is a relatively new, Singapore-based pedal company focusing on building affordable but not necessarily streamlined, multi-algorithm, full stereo, compact effects. The Alabs Cetus is their take on reverb.

It packs 9 high-quality effects running on a 32-Bit DSP, including Hall, Room, Church, Spring, Plate, Swell, Shimmer, Cloudy, and Wave, with the Mod knob that controls the modulation depth and speed of the reverb tail, or another parameter for some of the more creative modes.

The other knobs are Bright (controlling the high end of the reverb) Decay and Mix.

Freeze function, triggered by holding down the footswitch, prolongs the reverb’s tail until released. This can be traded with a secondary setting of your choice when the 2-way toggle switch is in the down position; this activates the Creative Explore Mode, that lets you create dynamic variations and complex creative momentary effects involving multiple parameter transformations.

We added the Cetus to our article about the best Multi-Algorithm pedals.