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Feb 11, 2021

UAFX Pedal

Universal Audio, a dominant force in the pro audio and plugin sector, just unveiled their entry into the pedal realm with three brand new products under the UAFX label: the Starlight Echo Station, the Golden Reverberator and the Astra Modulation Machine.

The pedals, available for pre-sale and scheduled for shipping in the early spring of 2021, are all based on dual-processor engines and they obviously leverage the US company’s expertise in plugin effects for DAWs.

We’ll tackle each one with individual videos soon, In the meantime, you can see these presentation videos.

60 Years of Analog Tone. At Your Feet.

Introducing UAFX pedals. A landmark in classic reverb, delay, and modulation effects. Beautifully built upon powerful new dual-processor engines and UA’s proven analog modeling expertise, UAFX delivers sonic authenticity far beyond all other stompboxes.