Pedal Series

Pedal Series: Gamechanger Audio Mod

Ross Effects (via JHS)

New Pedals: 7 Electro-Harmonix NYC DSP Pico Pedals

New Pedal Line: UAFX Compacts (Orion, Evermore, Heavenly and 1176)

TC Electronic Ampworx 550, Jims 800, and Dual Wreck

TC Electronic Ampworx Combo Deluxe 65, DC 30 and Jims 45

JHS Legends of Fuzz 2023

Walrus Audio Fundamental Series

Victory V1 Series Pedal Line

Diamond Pedals’ New Compact Line (via SolidGoldFX)

Gamma Pedals – Guitar Center’s New Pedal Line

Orange Vintage Pedals (Phaser, Sustain and Distortion)