Universal Audio UAFX Brigade Chorus

Released together with the Teletronix LA2A and the Flow tremolo, Universal Audio UAFX Brigade is (about) one-third of the company’s big sibling multi-modulation pedal Astra. It’s voiced after the iconic, vintage BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, and it’s mono just like it (the Astra is stereo).

This digital recreation of an analog classic offers the two modes of the CE-1 (Chorus and VIbrato) and also simulates the original’s preamp, which can be bypassed via a switch on the back; its subtle color made it a favorite of many guitarists, who would use the pedal at times even without the effect on.

The back panel also hosts a switch to engage true or buffered bypass.

Everything else is as straightforward as it can be, with controls for Rate, Depth and Level.

We added the Brigade to our article about the best chorus pedals, organized by Type.