You may be familiar with Option Knob (aka Wingman) and their ingenious devices that allow you to control any of your pedals’ knob with your feet.

At this year’s NAMM show the company introduced an actual stompbox, the Danger Zone, an analog phaser/tremolo that – of course – comes equipped with the builder’s option knobs.

The two effects have their own footswitch, are organized in parallel (tremolo to the left, phaser to the right) and each features separate depth and rate knobs which can both be controlled with your feet: the rate knobs through a “top” movement, thanks to the built-in option knobs, and the depth ones through a “side” foot motion, since they are very close to the edges of the pedal.

A toggle switch in the middle of the device allows you to increase the phaser’s rate by 1k times, which creates some wicked effects reminiscent of ring modulation and bit reduction, while the Jet Wash footswitch lets you access a slightly different sounding phaser.

Here’s the video of the pedal we shot directly inside our Stompbox Booth at NAMM 2019.

See more of our pedal demo shot at NAMM 2019 with 60 Cycle Hum here. We also have a list organized by kind of effect in two pages here and here.

The ‘Danger Zone’ was created to provide combineable analog tremolo and phaser FX with optimal control and coloration flexibility. This handbuilt dogfighter will inspire any musician on stage and in studio. Master different supersonic tonal combinations. Fire at will.

Unique Weaponry!

Flip the ‘MACH II’ switch for sonic boom capabilities! A must have tactical weapon for any solo mission! Also equipped with standard issue independent volume control and rate indicator LED lights respectively, enabling the pilot to mix FX propulsion AND visually identify flight speed.

Hand Free Flight!

The first pedal in history to fly with a “wingman!” Two WingMan Foot Control Knobs come equipped to change rate controls of both trem & phase with ease. Refuel and land your fighter hands-free!

Depth Knobs

In addition to total Rate control, the Depth knobs are strategically placed at the outer sides of the pedal so you can run your foot along the edge and change altitude on the fly!