French company Glou-Glou will be one of the synthiest additions to our NAMM 2019 Stompbox Booth, a 250 square feet pedal lovers’  paradise shared by 23 emerging effect manufacturers.

After releasing the filter/modulation pedal Pralines at the end of 2018, the builder has begun the new year with a bang, unveiling another new device whose name continues the French cousine-related theme, the Moutarde. This appears to be an expanded version of its red predecessor with an added Voicings section (which basically means that there are actual oscillators in there).

Like the Pralines, the Moutarde’s core effect consists in 4 Filters, whose Frequency, Resonance and Modulation depth can be controlled independently. They can be fed by your regular signal (with our without gated fuzz applied, pre-filter) or – and this is the feature missing from the Pralines – through 4 Audio Controlled Square Wave Oscillators:

Octaves, fifths, simple or complex chords can be obtained by tweaking 2 rotary swicthes. (VOICINGS)  and (TRANSPOSE).

The resulting signal can then be sent to the Modulation Section and/or mixed with the clean signal through the Mix knob.

There’s a lot more to this pedal than what we can cover here so if this metal thing tickles your fancy, we recommend you check out the manual and the videos below.

And, of course, if you are in Anaheim for the NAMM show 2019, you’ll be able to try it in person at booth #3231!

At the heart of MOUTARDE, there are 4 low-pass filters running in parallel.

Each filter can be controlled independently. Cutoff (FREQ) , resonance (PEAK) and modulation depth (MOD).

You can feed the filters by 3 ways: dry signal, gated fuzz or PLL
PLL consists of 4 audio-controlled squarewave-oscillators.

Octaves, fifths, simple or complex chords can be obtained by tweaking 2 rotary swicthes. (VOICINGS) , (TRANSPOSE)

Filters can be blended with the dry signal. (MIX)

Modulation applied to filters frequency can be either envelope, LFO or expression pedal. (MOD)

The LFO speed can be controlled by envelope or expression pedal. (LFO CTRL)