Another very cool new pedal that was announced at NAMM ’16 is the Malekko Sneak Attack. A unique take on compression, at its core the Sneak Attack is a very warm-sounding VCA analog compressor that can be used in some inspiring ways, not just completely on or off. While it does standard compression very well, it’s when the pedal is used in other ways that it really shines.

The pedal features two ways to control the attack and decay parts of the envelope respectively via two curve and two length knobs, a ‘Threshold’ control to adjust the amount of compression, and an output ‘Level’ control. One of the things that sets this compressor apart from the pack is the ability to use an external tap tempo switch linked to an LFO. Not generally used with this type of effect, the tap tempo functionality really opens up some crazy sonic options, like tremolo sounds and more.

Rounding out a great feature set is rock-solid construction and true bypass switching that’s pretty much standard in today’s stompbox world. If you’ve been looking for a compressor that can do more than that, here it is. – Brandon Stoner