Malekko B:Assmaster

The B:Assmaster from Malekko Heavy Industry is a hand-built clone of the Maestro Bass Brassmaster harmonic octave fuzz. This updated version supplies the same classic fuzz tones as the original in a modern, rugged, and reliable package.

Although aimed at bassists, this pedal performs equally well on guitars…

Malekko B:Assmaster, Builder’s Notes

The Malekko Barker ASSMASTER is inspired by the original Maestro Bass Brassmaster octave fuzz pedal. Hand-built by us, this modern version delivers the same octave overdrive/harmonic generation effect in a quiet, fully controllable pedal. The 5 controls provide complete control over the tone, overtones, harmonics and mix of the dry and wet signal. True bypass.

We now offer an expression jack for the sensitivity control. Very cool! Get an expression pedal for hands-free sensitivity freakouts!

“We have our B:ASSMASTER here, which is Malekko. It’s a great pedal, great fuzz, distortion pedal. That’s his new favorite.” – Tracy Robar (tech for Flea)

“…you’re able to mix in a super fuzzy sound, which is really cool because bass fuzz, as common as it is, is incredibly hard to do well.” -Jimmy Shaw (Metric / Broken Social Scene)

POWER: 9vDC adapter (neg tip) or 9v battery. Current draw is approximately 180mA.