Neunaber IMMERSE

Relative newcomers to the guitar pedal manufacturing world, Neunaber Audio Effects out of Santa Ana, CA has already built a reputation for innovative stompbox digital designs. At NAMM 2016 they have introduced a very interesting stereo reverb stompbox design called the Immerse Reverberator.  This pedal features 8 reverb modes, with an interesting twist and a great sound.

Besides the somewhat “standard” reverb modes like Hall, Plate, and Spring, you’lll also find more modern ones borrowed from the Neunaber line, like two different kinds of Shimmer (reverb and an octave up blend), and modes called ‘Wet,’ ‘Wet+Echo’ and ‘Wet+Detune’.

Controlling parameters is easy, just select the mode using the center knob and fine tune it using the other four. ‘Fx level’ balances wet/dry signals, ‘Depth’ is similar to a Feedback knob and tailors the reverb time, and ‘Tone’ adjusts the high frequency content, while the bottom right knob adjusts different parameters depending on what effect you have selected, which is something rather unique.

The Reverberator also features a ‘Kill Dry’ switch to allow for parallel effect routing, as well as a ‘Trails’ switch to allow for reverb tails to taper even after the effect has been disengaged.

For the player looking for a reverb that can do what you’d expect and more, this pedal is worth a solid look. – Brandon Stoner