Cusack Tap-a-Whirl V4

The Cusack Tap-a-Whirl V4 is the new version of what started as the first tremolo pedal with tap tempo (released in the early 2010s), re-engineered around newer components, expanded to stereo, and repackaged in a very attractive red case.

Fully analog, this is one of the most feature-rich tremolo pedals out there, thanks to 24 waveforms (3 banks of 8), 8 presets (2 banks of 4), Speed brake up and down speed controls, phase control for the right channel, and configurable expression input that automatically detects if it’s connected to an expression pedal, a remote Tap Tempo trigger or a synth input

If you are wondering how it sounds, you can hear it in the videos below.

Cusack Tap-a-Whirl V4 Tremolo, Builder’s Notes

The latest version of the world’s first Tap-Tempo tremolo – the V4.

The world’s first tap-tempo tremolo pedal, the Tap-A-Whirl, had to be discontinued due to part availability.

The particular obsolete vactrol we used was the heart of the pedal. We searched far and wide for a replacement, to no avail. We had to work with part vendors to produce a special component that could meet our specifications. Now, after much ado, the Tap-A-Whirl is back. The new component allows for even faster tempos than the original Tap-A-Whirl. While we were at it, we added some serious upgrades to the user interface and feature set. The Tap-A-Whirl V4 is the most advanced tap-tempo tremolo pedal known to man.

24 Waveforms
3 Groups: A,B,C

We’ve included the most common waveforms, as well as some truly unique and bizarre ones.

The odd time signatures in bank C are especially useful. Each waveform is very interactive with the tempo divide feature.

Preset System
We took our digital preset system from the Resound and integrated it into the Tap-A-Whirl, keeping the audio path fully analog. Saving and recalling presets is now a breeze. With a few clicks of the feet, a new preset is stored.


V4 features dedicated, directional Brake footswitches.


  • Fully Analog
  • 24 waveforms
  • Full stereo signal path
  • Digital presets, 4 banks with two presets each
  • Tap-Tempo
  • Speed brake up and down speed controls
  • Right output phase control
  • Dedicated Exp./Tap/Sync input
  • Auto-detects input type
  • Option knob for tempo divide, fade in control and more
  • Basic Depth, Level and Rate controls
  • Configurable expression
  • Live mode and Preset mode

• Standard 9v DC, center negative power supply
• Current draw ~22mA

• Buffered bypass based on Cusack More Louder
• 4.75” x 3.85” x 2.25” (L x D x H)