Way Huge Attack Vector

The Way Huge Attack Vector is the first major pedal release of 2023. It’s a two-mode pedal that combines a phaser with an envelope filter, two of the pedal effects favored by funk guitarists.

Both effects can follow the LFO and the player’s dynamics (envelope), parameters that can be set through the Speed and Sens knob. Range and Feedback knobs control the width of the oscillation and the intensity of the effect.

Way Huge Attack Vector, Builder’s Notes

If you like to play it safe, the Way Huge Attack Vector Phaser & Envelope is not for you. It combines two different effects—phase shifter and envelope filter— into a single dangerous machine. This pedal cranks out an array of off-kilter sounds, twisting your riffs into crazy new forms. Bee stings, perfect for funky moods. Gloopy syrup to drench your low-string twanging. Fifty shades of rude behaviour that’ll turn a pleasant cocktail party into a drunken brawl.

And by the way, the Attack Vector Phaser & Envelope’s bratty attitude works great with electric bass as well as guitar. So if you’re looking for a pedal that smiles politely and behaves appropriately, keep right on walking—you won’t find it here. But if you seek a kindred spirit and fellow troublemaker, the Way Huge Attack Vector Phaser & Envelope might just become your new best friend.


• Combines phase shifter and envelope filter in a compact housing.
• Fifty shades of rude behaviour to twist your riffs into crazy new forms.
• Go from funky peaks to gloopy twang.