Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Pedal

Once again, the talented team at Gamechanger Audio fulfilled the mission statement implicit in their company’s name. The Latvian designers came up with a stompbox that shifts the vibrato action of the Bigsby lever from hand to foot: it’s the Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Pedal! That, in our book, qualifies as a game-changer; it’s now shipping and can be purchased from Sweetwater.

After showing an early prototype of this pedal at NAMM 2019, its release was delayed until the spring of 2022.

A digital, polyphonic stompbox shaped just like the legendary vibrato lever, this stompbox is a collaborative effort with Bigsby and Fender.

This is a device that’s bound to be met with joy by many Surf Rock guitarists, who struggle daily in figuring out musical ways to share their picking hand between the strings and the vibrato lever. Having a pedal deal with the vibrato effect allows estimators of that effect not only for more comfortable performance but arguably also for guitar parts that could not be previously performed.

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The BIGSBY Pedal is a revolutionary polyphonic pitch shifter pedal that specializes in reproducing the string bending and vibrato effects produced by the BIGSBY Tremolo arm and other traditional tremolo systems. 

The idea to create a BIGSBY-style pitch shifting pedal was born out of a long-standing admiration for the Bigsby system’s unique feel, sound and design.

In 2019 we approached FENDER and BIGSBY with this idea and were able to secure a partnership deal for the development of the BIGSBY Pedal.

Now, after a two year-long design and development period we are proud to announce the final product, which in our personal opinion is one of the most capable and inspiring pitch-shifting tools currently on the market.

We are already preparing a massive launch across our dealer network at the end of the year, and we expect to see the first commercial batches of BIGSBY Pedals hit the stores around
Fall 2021 / Winter 2022. 

Right now, we are doing a limited order round for fans and supporters of GCA who will be able to receive their personalized and signed special edition BIGSBY Pedals in August – months before anyone else.