gamechangeraudio pluspedal1

The Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal is one of those devices that do one thing no other device does, and do it well.

As its shape might suggest, it offers piano-style sustain not just for guitar, but for all instruments, through a clever automatic looping algorithm.

Check out the videos below. More info about the pedal at the bottom of the page and here.

PLUS Pedal is a music effects unit that generates sustain for notes, chords and other sounds played on the instrument.

The PLUS works based on a new method of digital sound processing we call Real Time Audio Sampling and looping. Instead of creating tones using an oscillator and filter based synth engine, RTS (Real Time Sampling) works by creating a smooth, circular loop out of a source signal that is recorded as you go. Think of it as a Smart Looper that only catches the last half of a chord or note and then uses that short audio snippet to create a continuous tone.