Fuzzrocious Big Fella

Most modern dirt boxes try to provide a wide range of tones, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a device capable of matching the range of the Fuzzrocious Big Fella, a pedal that can deliver overdrive, distortion, gated fuzz, and feedback.

With a circuit that runs at 9v or 18v for extra headroom, the Big Fella sports a surprising 3-footswitch layout, but it’s at heart an overdrive/distortion pedal with “benefits.” That’s what the main controls (Volume, Drive and Gain) can deliver, integrated by a Tone control with a very wide – and very useful – sweep. It must be noted that the Gain knob is only active in the more saturated and warmer Li’l Fella mode, activated via the toggle switch. The other mode is called “Demon.”

However, this overdrive/ distortion can be transformed into a fuzz by pressing the Gate footswitch placed on the bottom left, which activates a Gated fuzz and can also be used for muting your signal on hard stops.

And finally, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: that footswitch unconventionally placed right on top of the case. That’s the momentary Feedback footswitch, whose intensity can be controlled via the Feedback knob and also through an internal trimmer for even crazier results, in particular at high gain settings.

Hear the sound of the Big Fella in the videos below.