Big Ear Slice of Pie

In case you are wondering whether this is a real pedal, yes it is, but it ain’t edible (unless you enjoy bent steel, which is what the enclosure is made of)!

A collaboration between Newyorker company turned Nashvillian Big Ear Pedals and guitar podcast The Tone Mob, the Slice of Pie is a Big Muff Pi-style pedal (“Pi” – “Pie,” get it?),  with a unique and innovative twist: it looks like a slice of pepperoni OR cheese pizza, (deep pan style, to fit the circuit). The two versions differ only in their looks, they sound and taste the same.

The three knobs do what you expect them to do: Gain sets the amount of distortion; Tone brightens or darkens the distorted signal; Volume controls the output level.

Check out the first videos of this game-changer pedal!

Big Ear Slice of Pie Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

BIG EAR pedals and the Tone Mob Podcast have come together to bring you SLICE OF PIE—the world’s first ever fuzz pedal made to look just like a slice of pizza… that is also a fuzz pedal! And just like a good slice, this fuzz is huge! Like, so big you’ll need two paper plates!

Both the pepperoni and cheese versions of SLICE OF PIE feature the same circuit; The only difference is the toppings!


SLICE OF PIE has three mini knobs, “Gain,” “Tone,” and “Volume.” The “Gain” knob adjusts the amount of distortion. The “Tone” knob acts as an EQ to brighten or darken the distorted signal. The “Volume” knob controls the pedal’s output level.

The bent steel enclosure’s exact size is 5.2” x 3.4” x 1.4“ (132mm x 85 mm x 35mm) The pedal weighs 11.2 oz.

SLICE OF PIE does not contain a battery snap and requires a 9VDC with a 2.1mm barrel connector (center negative) and the current draw is 2mA.

*This pedal DOES NOT come with a power adapter. We recommend using an isolated DC power supply.