As hinted by its name, the Tallon Electric Dual Drive gives you two overdrives in one pedal, with separate footswitches and controls, one inspired by the Blues Breaker and the other by the Centaur Klon. A toggle switch lets you reverse their order.

Both circuits aren’t exact replicas of their models, with the BB side adding an extra toggle for soft or hard clipping to the classic knob configuration featuring Level, Drive and Tone, and the Klon side adding a Low control that’s missing on the original units, which only feature Treble, Gain and Level/Output knobs.

The combination of the two drives, in particular considering the switcheable order, can produce a variety of tones when played individually or together, have a listen to the sounds some of the best YouTubers got out of this pedal in the videos below.

Tallon Electric Dual Drive, Builder’s Notes

What would you do if you had a million dollars? I’ll tell you what I would do.
Two overdrives at the same time.

The LEFT SIDE borrows roots from the classic “breaker” style circuit, and promptly branches out with some sweet new features. A unique transparency toggle gives you extended control over chord clarity and picking dynamics, while a high-headroom output stage gives you enough clean gain to push your amp’s input over the proverbial edge.

The RIGHT SIDE is a high powered, hard clipping machine based on a very expensive pedal that dons a man-horse hybrid with a pension for archery. Unlike its role model, this side of the Dual Drive feeds a carefully tuned two-band EQ section that’s primed and ready to achieve optimal tonal balance in all scenarios.


Use the ORDER TOGGLE to flip-flop the two circuits to your liking. Make no mistake – Many, many righteous tones await your discovery when you toggle the order.

Left Side Controls:
DRIVE – Dial it up for more overdrive.
TONE – Removes excess treble.
LEVEL – Controls the output volume of the left side overdrive.
TOGGLE – Choose between two unique transparency modes.

Right Side Controls:
HIGH – Applies a shelf boost or cut to treble frequencies.
LOW – Applies a shelf boost or cut to bass frequencies.
LEVEL – Controls the output volume of the right side overdrive.
GAIN – Turning up the gain simultaneously removes clean signal and introduces a hard clipped overdrive.

Technical Specs:

  • Soft Click Buffered Bypass
  • 9v DC, 2.1mm center negative power. Does not accept batteries.
  • Power Consumption: 28mA
  • Enclosure Size: 4.7″ x 3.75″ x 1.75″
  • This pedal accepts 9VDC CENTER NEGATIVE power supplies ONLY.