Notwithstanding its fun Japanese snack theme, the Suguru Big Katsu Distortion is a pedal made for rather tense musical styles: a high-gain distortion delivering – to quote the manufacturer – “crunchy and thick tones reminiscent of post-rock or shoegaze styles”!

Its thick tone with a slight low-end roll-off is delivered in a mini case with three knobs (Volume, Tone and Gain).

Check out the video demo below.

Suguru Big Katsu Distortion, Builder’s Notes

Dagashi (snacks) are a very big thing in Japan – and Effects Bakery has been partnering with several companies in Japan like Suguru Foods. Their BIG KATSU is a tasty, crispy snack with a soft fried texture and a fragrant and rich flavor using an original sauce. Going all the way back to the Showa era, this unique snack has the appearance and taste of a breaded pork cutlet, or Tonkatsu. However, instead of using pork the BIG KATSU is made with surimi and flavored with various seasonings and a unique sauce to give it the special flavor.

Effects Bakery Suguru Foods’ Big Cutlet Distortion is a high gain distortion pedal that has plenty of gain on tap for your crunchy and thick tones reminiscent of post-rock or shoegaze styles. The thick yet crunchy tone adds a sound that is UK-based, yet still original and unique, just like the BIG KATSU. There is a firm thickness in the midrange flavor, and the low end rolls off just a little to help create a unique and sharp texture. And with our unique TONE control, your tone can be fine-tuned to bring you the most delicious taste possible.

As always, we bake our products with high quality parts, switches, and jacks – as well as our unique and kawaii art style. Bring your hunger for tasty distortion and take your tone into the modern age with BIG KATSU Distortion!

VOLUME: Adjusts the overall volume.
TONE: Controls the tone.
GAIN: Adjusts the intensity of the distortion.

The Big Cutlet Distortion of Suguru Foods is powered by a standard center minus DC9V adapter. Batteries cannot be used.

Current consumption: 2mA
Input impedance: 500K
Output impedance: <1K