New Pedals: Fuzzrocious Lil Fella

Fuzzrocious is not only the pedal company with the best name out there, but also a family-run business with a mission to explore new ways to distort guitar (and bass) tone in new and inspiring ways.

Their new release Li’l Fella continues this tradition with a circuit that updates their popular Demon drive in a more versatile direction. The most notable difference, besides the smaller case, is the introduction of a Gate switch, which bypasses the Gain knob and not only allows for clean, silent stops/chugs, but at higher Drive settings also takes the pedal into fuzz territory.

Under the box, the gain structure was revamped to deliver a wider range of saturation, allowing the pedal to deliver anything from low gain overdrive to distortion, while the Tone knob features an expanded yet tighter EQ than its predecessor.

Headroom lovers will be happy to learn that the Fuzzrocious Lil Fella accepts from 9v to 18v.

Extremely Versatile Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz

Li’l Fella started as an update to our Demon OD/Distortion to do something different with an already awesomely useful pedal. This pedal can do what your other drives and distortions can do AND WAY MORE.

Feature sets include:

  • Runs at 9-18V DC output center negative power. 18V offers more stability and headroom making for a MASSIVE sound
  • Expanded, yet tighter EQ
  • Sculptable gain/drive structuring yielding much lower and higher gain/drive
  • Toggled gated mode, perfect for clean, silent stops/chugs – opens the pedal into fuzz territory
  • Small form factor (125b enclosure) with top-mounted jacks
  • “Churchable” art for those who aren’t interested in darker imagery