JPTR FX Warlow

Built by German boutique pedal maker, the JPTR FX Warlow is a high-gain Op-amp Muff perfect for a low-end-heavy ’90s grunge and alt-rock. Using high-grade IC chips and germanium clipping diodes, the Warlow comes in an appropriately large enclosure for its equally huge tones.

We added this pedal to our article about the best Big Muff-style fuzzes.

JPTR FX Warlow, Builder’s Notes

Gather round & feast your sense organs on our latest venture into a world more welcoming of color: the WARLOW.

This polychromatic set is our take and dedicated interpretation of an op-amp based, Pi-style fuzzstortion/distortiofuzz pedal which authentically captures the late 90s’ Seattle-based grunge texture and tone. It incorporates high grade Burr-Brown chips and Germanium clipping diodes which bring about a very pronounced low end and a truly barefaced fuzz.