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Apr 28, 2021

JPTR FX Warlow

Built by German boutique pedal maker JPTR FX, the Marlow is a high-gain Op-amp Muff perfect for a low-end-heavy ’90s grunge and alt-rock. Using high-grade IC chips and germanium clipping diodes, the Warlow comes in an appropriately large enclosure for its equally huge tones.

Gather round & feast your sense organs on our latest venture into a world more welcoming of color: the WARLOW.

This polychromatic set is our take and dedicated interpretation of an op-amp based, Pi-style fuzzstortion/distortiofuzz pedal which authentically captures the late 90s’ Seattle-based grunge texture and tone. It incorporates high grade Burr-Brown chips and Germanium clipping diodes which bring about a very pronounced low end and a truly barefaced fuzz.