Fjord Fuzz Sol Fuzz + Vibe

The Fjord Fuzz Sol is a fuzz + vibe pedal by a Norwegian, one-man pedal builder dedicated to the cult of fuzz who has recently expanded into the exploration of the uni-vibe circuit, with the FREI pedal, released in early 2023. The Sol mixes these two trends.

The two effects are completely separate and sport their dedicated footswitches. The builder describes the vibe as a “beautifully overpowered uni-vibe type chorus/phaser.” This part of the circuit features two knobs, one for speed (the top one) and the other for depth (the bottom left one). It can get very throbby and the range of speed is within the range of traditional uni-vibe use – i.e. it doesn’t get too fast.

The fuzz is controlled by one knob, the bottom right one named “db,” which controls the amount of fuzz and also overall volume. It’s at once big-sounding and defined and cleans up well when you turn down your guitar’s volume.

The two effects, together, sound exactly the way they should: classic Jimi and beyond.

We added the Sol to our article about the best vibe pedals, in the section about Fuzz’n’Vibes.