JPTR FX Katastrophe

German buitique pedal builder JPTR FX likes to make its devices big and noisy and also original, and the Katastrophe finds its originality angle in being an octave overdrive/distortion (as opposed to an octave fuzz).

This is a pedal that allows you to radically tweak your tone through two gain stages (Volume and Gain) and a generous EQ section featuring Bass, Treble, Presence, and Low Cut controls – with Presence controlling higher frequencies than Treble.

The big knob on the left controls the amount of Octave up, which can be switched on and off through a dedicated footswitch, and offers more gain than the usual octave up circuits.

A few internal controls let you fine-tune the highs, boost both the low end and the dry signal independently and in parallel, and adjust the Katastrophe to function at its best with your pickup output (post-gain).

Check out the videos of the JPTR FX Katastrophe.

JPTR FX Katastrophe, Builder’s Notes

Controls and features

Enabling the player to retain fidelity/drastically reshape their signal – and to do so conveniently – has been a crucial objective in the KATASTROPHE’s circuit design. Thus, the pedal comes equipped with an assortment of external and internal knobs, Bobs and Sallys for radical manipulation.

Volume determines how hard you push the amp, or how loud you want your setup to be when using the Katastrophe as a preamp. Gain is pretty self explanatory as always and so are the EQ controls Bass, Treble and Presence, with presence controlling higher freqencies than the Treble knob. The externally located low cut will remove low rumble, if you wish for a more modern high gain sound, or to go full doom with all the low end untouched.

The analog Octave Up section has more gain than the usual octave up circuits and is identical to the one found in our Silvermachine. An added foot switch for this circuit offers players more flexibility and allows for more drastic changes while playing.

Internal adjustment options

– The internal Highcut switches let you control the highs even more than you are already able to, with the Treble and Presence knobs
– You can also boost both the low end and the dry signal independently and in parallel, providing a versatility that will satisfy even the most discerning audiophile bass players out there (you know who you are)
– The Postgain trim pot lets you adjust the Katastrophe to function at its best with your pickup output.

Technical specs

– Hand screen printed, diecast Aluminium enclosure
– Size: 12 x 15 x 6 cm with knobs
– Power requirement: 9 V DC PSU (centre negative, 2.1 mm), this pedal includes an internal 18V charge pump for higher headroom
– Current draw: <50 mA

Please note: Experimenting with the internal Postgain trim pot will make the Katastrophe ideally suited to your pickups, with as little noise as possible.