Holy Island Audio Deforming DelayHailing from the Wales, the Holy Island Audio Deforming is a delay built around the PT2399 chip with a peculiar, footswitch-triggered “warp” function that links the delay’s time to an envelope, generating the classic “sound warping” effect you get when you turn the time knob while the guitar strings are vibrating.

Problem is, it’s all but impossible to do that while playing, and that’s where the Deforming comes in handy: it lets you perform that time knob manipulation without having to drop to your knees and put your hands on the pedal. You can engage the Warping effect by simply holding down the left footswitch.

The shape of the effect is determined by an envelope that can be set to eight patterns, selected by the 8-way rotary Waveform switch, whose speed of execution is controlled via the Length knob. It can also be controlled via CV, which makes it great for Eurorack players.

The rest of the circuit is a regular delay where the Reflection knob act as a feedback control and the Blend as a dry/wet mix.

There’s also an Input knob that’s really a preamp that can generate saturation emulating the preamp of vintage echo machines.