Poly VERBS Reverb

Australian pedal company Poly Effect has never played the pedal game the way the other companies do, and their new stereo reverb is another demonstration of that. With its touch-sensitive controls (no knobs!) and convolution reverb capabilities, the Poly Verbs is a unique entry in the very competitive reverb pedal niche.

The pedal offers 48 factory presets organized in 6 banks with 8 presets each, plus another 8 for imported convolution files. The first 3 banks offer reverbs simulating the ambiance of exceedingly intriguing existing spaces including the Pantheon, a nuclear reactor hall, a cave, or the London Palladium; the 4th and 5th emulate classic vintage circuits such as EMT140 plates, springs, 480L, and an oil can unit. The 6th bank features irregular reverbs.

The controls are rather simple, with touch-sensitive sliders for Onset (pre-delay), Mix, Low Cut and Swoosh (reverb density).

Extra features include a momentary footswitch function to create a reverb crescendo, trails on/off, and full Midi compatibility.

Check out the videos below.