Tone Charm Audio Into the Waves

The Tone Charm Audio Into the Waves is a delay/distortion/modulation pedal hailing from Poland and (hand) made with the shoegazer guitarist in mind.

Those three effects (with an added, hefty dose of reverb) represent that dreamy genre’s foundational sonic trinity, and the Into The Waves, with its eight knobs, three toggles, and three footswitches, represents a versatile tool to create that type of sound and beyond. (By the way, there are also two internal DIP switches).

Unlike most other multi-effects of this kind, the three effects here are not clearly separated, and you’d be mistaken to assume the three footswitches triggered each effect separately. This device works and appears as a single effect (a delay) with various extra functions (distortion, modulation, and EQ).

The eight knobs control the three effects’ parameters, with the Dive control being the modulation’s rate, working in conjunction with the Depth knob, and the Feedback setting the number of delay repeats. Filter is a rather aggressive tone control, while Mix lets you reintegrate the clean signal for subtler results.

Probably the coolest feature has to do with the Dirt toggle, which – when the Gain knob is up – can deliver a clean source signal with distorted delay, or a distorted signal with distorted delay, whose length can be set through the Delay knob.

The other two toggles are Sens – a 3-way sensitivity selector applied to the modulation circuit – and Hpf – a 2-way high pass filter applied on the delayed signal, for warmer/tape-style repeats.

This is what the footswitches do:

Left: Modulation on + momentary footswitch affecting the modulation’s speed
Center: Momentary footswitch increases feedback length
Right: on/off + true bypass

The two internal DIP switches allow to darken the repeats and turn on a modulation sensitivity mode, while there’s also an internal potentiometer that lets you control the behavior of the momentary footswitch feedback gain.

The Tone Charm Audio Into the Waves is a cool creative pedal that will keep you happy for a while, we added it to our article about the best advanced delay pedals with unusual features.

Tone Charm Audio Into the Waves, Builder’s Notes

Dive into the waves with this amazing and creative tool. Experience beautiful delay tones with unique modulation circuit controlled by input signal amplitude.

This pedal reacts on your playing dynamics to modulate delayed signal.

It has built in preamp / distortion circuit.


Volume – output volume
Filter – cuts highs
Gain – distortion circuit gain
Mix – dry/wet mix
Dive – manual modulation speed change
Feedback – increases repeats and oscillations
Depth – modulation depth
Delay – delay time up to 500ms

Sens – 3 way sensitivity selector for modulation circuit
Hpf – 2way high pass filter selector on delayed signal
Dirt – distortion only on repeats / distortion on dry and wet

Left momentary footswitch – manual modulation
Center momentary footswitch – feedback gain increase
Right footswitch on/off – true bypass

Internal DIP switches:
1. dark/bright repeats
2. additional modulation sensitivity mode
Momentary footswitch feedback gain.