Mask Audio Electronics & Holy Island Audio STOP!

The folks behind Mask Audio Electronics obviously enjoy pedal collabs and STOP!, an octave-up fuzz with a couple of tricks up its sleeve, is the latest pedal-child conceived with UK’s Holy Island Audio.

The pedal combines two existing circuits, the HIA Abracadaver octave-up fuzz circuit (on the left side) and the MAE Yes (on the right!), also a fuzz, with sonic results nothing short of lethal.

Each circuit can be engaged via its own footswitch and an Order toggle lets you reverse their order.

The Clang knob on the Abracadaver side controls the amount of octave in the signal, while the Stronk switch is a hi/lo gain toggle that can deliver a fuller tone or a milder one bordering on overdrive at lower gain settings.

On the Yes side of things, Loud sets the output volume while More controls the amount of signal fed into the fuzz circuit. The Texture toggle gives you two extra voicings: from big and thick and thin and compressed.

Mask Audio Electronics & Holy Island Audio STOP!, Builder’s Notes

STOP! is a new collaborative release between Holy Island Audio and Mask Audio Electronics.

The pedal combines both my Abracadaver octave up fuzz circuit and the MAE Yes in one enclosure for a wild and chaotic pairing of speaker shredding noise.

The left side of the pedal is the Abracadaver section. Louder controls the output volume and Clang blends in the octave up. Stronk is a hi/lo gain toggle. Flick it up for more juice or keep it down for a milder drive.

The right side of the pedal is the Yes section. Loud controls the output volume and more controls how much signal is fed into the fuzz circuit. The texture toggle can shift the overall character of the circuit from big and thick to thin and compressed.

Both effects are wired in series and the order toggle determines which circuit is placed last in the chain. Whichever circuit the toggle is flicked towards is last in the chain.

Either circuit can be engaged independently with their own bypass footswitches.

9V ‘BOSS style’ DC adaptor only. No Batteries.

Note: International orders may be subject to customs fees. All additional fees are the buyer’s responsibility.

Every Holy Island Audio pedal is printed and assembled in Cardiff, Wales.