Hologram Electronics brings a prolific new box to the pedal game with a sophisticated workstation called the Dream Sequence which spans a host of capabilities including octaves, arpeggiation, sequencing, and sampling. You can use the pedal effectively as a sound designer to create full chord sweeps, pitch shifts, envelope filters, echoes, sub-octave harmonized tones, and all sorts of deep sequenced layers. This is one of those pedals that words don’t have much hope alone in doing it justice because the list could go on for days.

In terms of the need-to-know features, you have tap tempo for anything oscillating or echoing. You have a control knob for shape which designs your waveform from short percussive tones with a balance of sustain and decay, to a square wave, to a “ramp” shaped wave for reverse type effects. Then you have standard controls for dry mix, tone, and drive to set your clean unaffected levels, frequency, and the distortion levels.  Finally, you have a knob for subdivision which sets your note lengths in the pattern sequencer.

One benefit of the Dream Sequence is that given the pedal is rather intimidating at first glance, the box comes loaded with 35 internal presets so you can get a nice cross section of features without having to master their infinite combinations. Finally, there is a record footswitch for the sequencing capabilities.

For a basic idea of what this thing can do, my first thought was the intro to Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part II from My Morning Jacket. Then take the weirdness up by an exponent. Overall, this is a boundary crushing stompbox that gives the guitar capabilities far beyond that of what would seem possible from a mere mortal stringed instrument.

Check out the beautifully shot video below to get a better idea of the possibilities open by the Dream Sequence, or come and try it in person at the upcoming Brooklyn Synth Expo at Main Drag Music. – Ryan Dembinski