Hologram Electronics Chroma Console

If you are a pedal lover and you are not familiar with Hologram Electronics, well, you aren’t really a pedal lover. The Nashville-based company has been churning out incredibly creative pedals for over a decade now, with the latest (the Microcosm) becoming a stellar bestseller. They just unveiled their next device, the Chroma Console.

A fully stereo multi-fx pedal with a modular heart, the Chroma is, in perfect Hologram style, a device that sparks creativity and facilitates sonic experimentation.

Let’s take a look at the features:

  • 20 Effects
  • 4 Rearrange-able Effect Modules
  • Stereo Input/Output
  • Designed for both Instrument and Line Input Levels
  • Sophisticated Input Level Calibration
  • Record knob movements with GESTURE
  • Sustain and loop audio with CAPTURE feature
  • Bypass Foot Switch Customization
  • Configurable Filter Effect (Tilt, Lowpass, or Highpass)
  • 80 User Presets
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru, clock synchronization
  • True Bypass Switching/Buffered Bypassed with trails
  • Tap Tempo, which can sync time-based effects as well as modulation effects

The things that stand out here are the 4 Rearrangeable Effect Modules, which means that there are four channels, each with a selection of effects, that can be freely re-routed so that you can easily experiment with different effect orders.

The GESTURE and CAPTURE features also sound interesting, letting you, respectively, record knob movements and create effect loops, while the DRIFT function lets you add a custom amount of randomness and lo-fi warble.

As always with Hologram pedals, there’s a lot to discover about them, and you can start doing that with the video below.