UAFX Dream '65 Reverb Ovedrive

Part of a three amp-in-a-box pedal addition to the Universal Audio pedal line, the UAFX Dream ’65 Reverb is an authentic emulation of a Fender Deluxe Reverb, with several added features.

Like the previous three pedals in the series, this is a multi-mode, studio-grade, stereo stompbox with presets and deep functionality and connectivity. They all feature cab simulations, so they are ideal to record direct, but they can be bypassed if the pedal is used on a board with a real cab after it.

Built on a dual-engine DSP, this pedal obviously includes a Reverb (of the spring kind, obviously, modeled after the Fender Deluxe) but also a vibrato, whose speed and intensity can be controlled via two Alt knob settings.

It comes with three speaker options:

  • GB25: Vintage Celestion Greenback
  • Oxford: Original Oxford 12K5-6
  • EV12: Electro-Voice EVM12L

But these can be replaced with these other free additional modes, which can be added via the free UAFX Control app, which can be connected not only via USB but also Bluetooth(!!!):

  • Two-Rock 2×12 extension cab with Celestion G12-65s
  • Vintage 1966 4×10 Fender Super Reverb cab with original CTS speakers
  • Vintage 1968 2×12 Fender Twin Reverb cab with original JBL D-120F speakers

There are also three variations for the amp versions — stock and two common mods — that capture the sparkling cleans and rich overdrive of this classic American amp.

  • Lead, which “removes the bright cap when the knob is above OFF, so at lower boost knob settings, the amp sounds warmer. As you increase the boost knob up to the 10 o’clock position or so, the mod adds some midrange from the tone stack lift (called “lead boost”).”
  • Stock, where “the Boost knob adds clean gain. The amp tone remains the same, but you can add up to 10 dB of gain to the front of the amp.”
  • D-TRK, “known as the SRV mod. As with the original mod, Vibrato is available only when the Boost knob is set to OFF. Provides more midrange and significantly more gain from the preamp stages. In the original hardware, this increases the amount of current to the other tubes.”

Being Universal Audio a leader in pro audio plugins, it harnessed its expertise in mic, cab, and room modeling technology to include features that allow fine tone-tuning unforeseen in other pedals of this kind, and that can be tweaked through the free app.

The routing also includes some special features… here’s the picture of the back panel:

uafx dream back panel

First of all, the pedal has stereo ins and outs, which is great, and Bluetooth connectivity, which is pretty much unheard of.

Also, like the other pedals in the UAFX series, it allows you to bypass your amplifier’s preamp when the pedal is engaged via the special “4-cable” mode, adding two additional channels.

You can find a more complete list of the features in this interactive manual.

Needless to say, features wouldn’t mean much if the pedal didn’t sound great. You can judge that for yourself in the videos below.

UAFX Dream ’65 Reverb Ovedrive, Builder’s Notes

The UAFX Dream ’65 Reverb Amplifier pedal gives you the essential American tube amp used by artists and producers for 60 years, from Muddy Waters to The Beatles to Elvis Costello.

Built on powerful dual-engine processing and UAD audio modeling expertise, the Dream ’65 effects pedal delivers bold cleans, sweet breakup, and divine spring reverb and vibrato.

Get the most authentic emulation of a mid?’60s American tube combo ever placed in a stompbox
Immerse yourself in classic tube?powered spring reverb and vibrato effects

Take world-class studio amp sound anywhere, complete with legendary mic/speaker pairings, boosts, and amp mods
Download artist tones, customize features, explore presets, and more with UAFX mobile app

Experience Legit Tube Amp Tones, Stage and Studio
Whether it’s replacing your amp rig and going direct to front?of?house on stage, or recording tracks into your DAW — Dream ’65 gives you the inspiring, album-ready tones of an expertly miked “golden unit” tube amp, within seconds.

Lose Yourself in Authentic Spring Reverb & Vibrato
Dream ’65 is the only amp?in?a?box pedal that faithfully captures the immersive sound of real tube?powered spring reverb and vibrato, making this pedal perfect for soul to surf, funk to punk, blues to bebop.

Get the Sound of a Modded Studio Amp
Take your vintage tone a step further with custom mods and legendary drive sounds made famous by artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Steve Lukather. With two iconic mods and a clean boost built?in, Dream ’65 lays down sounds that put whiz?bang amp modelers under the bunk bed.

Customize your Sound with the UAFX App
Dream ’65 gets even better with the UAFX Control mobile app. Download custom artist tones, recall and archive your presets, and dive deeper into one of the best American tube amps ever made.