Maybe one day we’ll make a list of the best non-stereo pedals with dual input, but to this day, besides maybe a couple of vocoder stompboxes, the Pine Box Customs & Mask Audio Electronics Fever Dream is the only device of that kind we stumbled upon.

In a few words, this is a thick and heavy fuzz feeding a modulating, resonant filter, and featuring a CB mic input for extra craziness.

The Fever Dream can produce a variety of tones from regular fuzz to cocked wah sounds to crazy distorted tuned helicopter noises, but also more expressive and musical modulated tones, thanks to its filter circuit that can be tweaked to taste through four controls: Resonance, Frequency, Depth, and Rate.

The CB Mic can add a nasal, uber-lo-fi signal of… any sound you can capture through the CB mic; it will be mixed in with the guitar input.

This image from the pedal’s manual perfectly explains what each knob does.

fever dream knobs

And if you are curious to hear what it does, here are the videos of it.

This dream consists of a dual input device that’s sending a gnarly fuzz absolutely
screaming into a modulating filter.
Gritty Harmonic tremolo? Check.
Desert rock Cocked wah? Check.
Self oscillating filter? Check.
Spaghetti UFO? Check.
Create a soundscape of oscillating waves, then use the included CB Microphone to call
them home.
In tamer settings, become the lo-fi jazz singer you’ve always dreamed of.
Dream on a pedalboard.
Dream on a desk.
Dream on the top of your Mother’s electric Piano.
As long as you’re dreaming.