Singular Sound, Aeros Loop Studio
The Singular Sound Aeros Loop Studio is a loop pedal that allows the user to create, perform and record both parallel and sequential loops, with up to six tracks per song. The pedal adapts to the user’s playing style, with dual modes and quantization options. The pedal also offers intuitive hands-free navigation and silent footswitches for a smooth playing experience.

The pedal has many features that enhance its functionality and creativity. The user can use the Mixer Mode to adjust the track volumes on the screen, or import their own backing tracks to play along with. The pedal also has error-friendly features that make looping easier, such as auto quantize, Intelligent End-of-Measure Forgiveness, and undo/redo commands. The pedal can also act as a MIDI transmitter or receiver, sending and receiving MIDI commands such as time signature, transitions, start/stop and more.

The pedal also has built-in effects that add variety and interest to the loops, such as auto-fade in/out, reverse track and loop decay. The pedal can record up to 20 minutes of mono audio per track, or 10 hours per song, with studio-grade 24-bit audio and 32-bit floating point processing. The user can also control the line and instrument levels, route the inputs to different outputs, and choose between stereo and mono audio.

Aeros Loop Studio is a loop pedal that combines versatility, innovation and quality. It is a pedal that can suit any musical genre, style and instrument. It is a pedal that can inspire and challenge the user.