Cicognani Engineering Le Prism
Cicognani Engineering Le Prism  is a four-head stereo echo pedal that combines the analog sounds and features of models such as the Model 1, the T7E, and the PE603, with modern enhancements and reliability.

The Le Prism offers four delay times (78, 156, 234, and 312 ms) that are synchronized exactly like the old vintage units, as well as four selectable and summable feedbacks that can create various psychedelic sounds and musical carpets. The delay times can be extended up to 700 ms using the Varispeed control, which also allows the user to select the delay times of the most historic Italian echoes. The pedal also features a tube preamplifier that adds warmth and dynamics to the signal.

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Le Prism is its simulated stereo mode, which is inspired by the mono to stereo analog converter circuits of the 60s and 70s. The Le Prism is a mono unit that can create a lively and realistic stereo effect by applying an opposing phase shift to the two output channels, which varies according to the input signal or the use of other devices. This way, the user can achieve a unique musical effect that is reminiscent of the double stack setups used by some musicians in the early 70s.

The Le Prism is a creative machine that is designed for both recording studios and live performances. It integrates the history and sounds of classic Italian echo units with the ease of use and compact dimensions of a modern pedal, and no periodic maintenance required.