Krunch Kabinets Krunch Drive

The pedal debut by a Californian company manufacturing amp heads and cabinets, the Krunch Kabinets Krunch Drive is a 5-knob overdrive with extra boost where the two circuits are stacked on top of each other (boost first in the chain) and have separate footswitches.

The circuit, built in collaboration with Wiztronics, has a TS-style mid bump and higher gain than your typical overdrive, but also features a Presence knob to the typical Tone one, which delivers extra sparkle and dynamics and opens up the palette of achievable tones.

The two circuits can also play independently from each other, giving the player three tone options: boost only, drive only, or both on at once.

Krunch Kabinets Krunch Drive, Builder’s Notes

We teamed up with Witztronics to offer the Krunch Drive pedal. The Krunch Drive is the perfect dual combination of overdrive and boost. Fine tuned for those that like driving the output hard with a wide tonal and harmonic output. We’ve increased the gain and given you a variable mid-frequency bump. The presence knob let’s you “voice” it right where you want it.

• Drive + Boost in a Single Pedal
• Boost and Drive can Operate Independently
• Drive “Gain” Control
• Presence “Voice” Controls
• Active Tone Circuit
• Output Volume Control
• Relay Controlled True-bypass with Soft Stomp Switches
• The “Aux” TRS Input works with External Switching Equipment
• 9V Battery and External Power Capable