Glou-Glou Flancher Stereo Series

From awesomely quirky French builder Glou-Glou comes a new series of stereo pedals that blur the line between stompbox and Eurorack (hey, they are both modular formats, after all!). Enter Flancher.

Flancher consists of four stereo, analog, voltage-controlled pedals that utilize BBD chips and operate internally at 15V. These pedals are comparable to late ’70s chorus and delay studio rack units, such as the Roland SBF-325 and Boss DM-100.

The FL9 and FL7 are designed for pitch modulation effects like chorus, flanger, vibrato, and quasi-ring modulation. The FL5B and FL5D are delay pedals, with “B” standing for Bright and “D” for Dark, each with subtle but significant differences.

The FL9 employs a 256-stage BBD, offering a delay range of 0.4ms to 9ms, ideal for flanger effects due to its ultra-short delay times. In contrast, the FL7 uses a 1024-stage BBD, providing a delay range of 1.5ms to 34ms, which is more suited for chorus effects due to its longer, more filtered delay times.

Both the FL5B and FL5D utilize a 4096-stage BBD but differ in application. The FL5D has a lo-fi character, with a more filtered tone, increased low-end frequencies, and feedback prone to distortion. It starts clipping at a 1V peak-to-peak signal and offers a delay range of 16ms to 630ms, with a maximum clean delay time of 350ms. On the other hand, the FL5B starts clipping at 2V peak-to-peak, with a delay range of 12ms to 470ms and a maximum clean delay time of 280ms.

These nuanced differences make the FL9 and FL7 perfect for achieving specific modulation sounds, while the FL5B and FL5D cater to varied delay effects, providing both bright and dark tonal options.

Here are the videos of each one of them: