It may looking rather unassuming, but the Flowers Pedals Dahila is an extremely powerful dual BBD-based modulated delay delivering up to 820ms of (digitally controlled) analog delay per channel. The amount of functionality is truly impressive, and, as far as we know, this is the first analog stereo delay pedal out there to fit in a compact case!

The two delay lines can be run in 3 different modes:

  • Stereo: true stereo mode with delay 1 on the left and delay 2 on the right channel.
  • Parallel: this is a dual mono mode with the two delays equally mixed in both channels.
  • Series: in this configuration delay 1 is fed into delay 2, again with a mono output.

The six knobs each have an alternate function, for a total of 12 controls:

Mix, Time, Feedback, Tone, (Sub)Div(isions) and Modulation (Depth) are the primary ones. The secondary ones, accessible while holding the left footswitch, are: Mod Speed, Gain, Mod Shape, Ramp Speed, Time Ramp To, and Feedback Ramp To.

the CONTROL toggle assigns the knob tweaking to either or both channels. That same toggle has also an alternate Time Lock function, which is a little complicated and we’ll delegate the explanation to the builder’s page.

The MODE toggle also has a secondary function that lets you choose the shape of the modulation’s LFO from trianble, sine and random.

The Dahlia features also a 5 preset system to save your favorite settings and full Midi compatibility (via TRS input). The Tap Tempo footswitch doubles as a momentary Ramp effect, triggering self-oscillation.

We added the Flower Pedals Dahlia to our comprehensive article about the best analog delay pedals.