Modulation Pedals

Free the Tone Future Factory Modulation Delay

SolidGoldFX Lysis MKII Polyphonic Octave Fuzz Modulator

JAM Pedals Ripply Fall Chorus/Phaser/Vibrato

New Pedal: Intensive Care Audio Vena Cava Filter

New Pedal: Flamma FC05 Mod Mini Multi-Modulation Pedal

Flamma FS05 Stereo Multi-Modulation

IK Multimedia X-Vibe Stereo Multi-Modulation Pedal

SolidGoldFX NU-33 Vinyl Engine Demo

Poly Effect Beebo – Modulation and Synthesis Device

2021 UPDATE: Best Ring Modulator Pedals – Compare Prices + Features

Universal Audio UAFX Astra Modulation Machine

Alexander Pedals Superball Kinetic Modulator