Best New Pedal Releases: November 2023

November is normally a month full of exciting new releases, due to the impending shopping season, and this year was no exception.

The big news was the release of a new pedal by Nashville’s Hologram Electronics, whose previous pedal, the Microcosm, was one of the best-selling creative effects of the current decade and probably ever. Another new entry in the world of creative pedal was the Chase Bliss Lossy, a lo-fi pedal not too dissimilar from their celebrated Generation Loss, but with a digital angle, rather than an analog one.

There were other noteworthy quirky releases by Old Blood Noise (a weird phaser/reverb), Dr. Scientist (a ring modulator) and Pladask (a granular delay), but also some solid more or less traditional effects by Walrus Audio (a very tweakable stereo analog delay), BOSS (the much awaited 200 series version of their multi-algorithm reverb) and Echo Fix (a high-end Chorus).

On the gain side of things, lots of interesting stuff with BOSS (again!) releasing their first compact cab and amp simulator, Two notes upgrading their Cab M+, and Thermion releasing a very tweakable stereo interface/headphones amp. Without forgetting the new distortion by EarthQuaker Devices and the Klone DIY kit by JHS!

There were of course several more releases, you can see the full list in the interactive galleries below, and when you are ready to buy, please don’t forget to use the affiliate links, that’s what is allowing us to publish this blog!

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