Flamma Ekoverb

Flamma is a new Chinese builder of affordable stompboxes (we blogged about their FS02 Stereo Reverb a few weeks ago). The FS22 Ekoverb is their multi-mode delay/reverb pedal. In this stompbox, the two effect run in parallel, i.e., they don’t feed each other but work as separate effects.

Through the toggle switch, it offers three sets of dual algorithms that cover several sonic flavors:

  1. Reverse Delay + Swell Reverb
  2. Reel Echo + Modulated Reverb
  3. Classic Analog Delay + Shimmer Reverb

Each effect can be played individually by turning the level of the other effect down to zero.

The Tap Tempo footswitch, besides doing what it’s supposed to do, will also create a momentary freeze effect when held. A trail on/off function is also included.

Check out the videos of the Flamma Ekoverb FS22.

The Flamma Ekoverb features three combinations of delay and reverb effects that consist of a Reverse Delay/Swell Reverb setting, Analog Echo Delay/Mod Reverb, and a classic Analog Delay/Shimmer Reverb combination. The level and tone of the delay and reverb can be modified as well as the timing and feedback of the delay or the decay and pre-delay of the reverb. This lets you set the delay or reverb effect of each setting to maximum volume or completely off, allowing you to only use either the delay or reverb effect.

The Tap Tempo switch can be used as named or you can hold it down to access the “freeze” effect to stop time and enjoy your ambient