Ring Modulator

2021 UPDATE: Best Ring Modulator Pedals – Compare Prices + Features

GFI System Synesthesia Dual-Engine Modulator

Luma Trueno Tremolo

Flamma FS05 Multi-Modulation

Zander Circuitry Junipero Aqueous Modulator

Fairfield Circuitry Randy’s Revenge

Dwarfcraft Devices Hax 2 Ring Modulator

Damnation Audio Ugly Twin Octave Fuzz + Boost

Side FX unveils the Bug Elektrik Tremolo/Ring Modulator

Dedalo FX alu9 Aliaser Pedal

FT Elettronica Zeroth Law Lo-Fi Pitch Transposer/Fuzz

Seen at the BK Stompbox Exhibit 2018: Frayed Knot Bella-Donna delay