Flamma 1

The latest device from the Flamma FS Series is a very purple digital Preamp pedal with presets and a three-way EQ section: the FS06.

The pedal features 7 amp modes accessible by tapping on the Select button or the Footswitch. Each amp has a preset slot. Each emulation has its own built-in cabinet simulation, which allows users to connect directly to a mixer or PA system.

These are the emulations’ names, which hint at popular guitar amps:

  1. Deluxe Blue
  2. AC31
  3. Coral Reef
  4. Plex50
  5. Blue Eye100
  6. MB 5th Gen
  7. HVE 5151

Here are the videos of the Flamma FS06 Preamp:

  • 7 different preamp models that cover a wide variety of classic and modern guitar tones.
  • Each preamp model has two channels with preset save slot for each preamp.
  • Built-in cabinet simulation allows users to connect directly to mixer/PA system.
  • Footswitch can be used to switch channels or to toggle pedal ON/OFF.