Updated Mar. 20, 2018


Here at Delicious Audio we really, really dig this new trend in the pedal world consisting in bigger manufacturers commissioning pedals to talented boutique stompbox designers. After releasing the Black Arts Toneworks-enginnered DOD Boneshaker at NAMM 2015, at the 2016 edition of the Anaheim convention, DigiTech unveiled a new class-A FET Overdrive called DOD Looking Glass, built under the supervision of Christopher Venter of SHOE Pedals – a manufacturer who participated in our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit in 2014.

The pedal looked gorgeous in its shiny metal case, and we were happy to see the space saving double/concentric EQ knob that was also used for the Boneshaker.

Here are some notes about the pedal directly from the DigiTech’s website to give you an idea about the pedal’s characteristics:

Featuring a new hybrid of Class-A discrete FET design, the Looking Glass’ asymmetrical clipping is so responsive that it can go from one end of the spectrum to the other with not only a flick of a switch, but with pick attack alone.

Built for maximum versatility, the Looking Glass’ unique Input Filter feature allows the player to tame overly bright guitars and interacts with your guitar’s pickups to help you cut through the mix without shredding the audience’s ears. The versatile, intuitive pre-drive Bass Cut and post-drive Treble controls allow you to retain clarity in the mix or dial in any raunchy raw tone you desire. And, there’s enough output and gain on tap to make even the Red Queen lose her head.

Check out the videos below, it certainly sound like a sweet overdrive!