DOD Gunslinger The DOD Gunslinger is a versatile overdrive/distortion pedal, utilizing a MOSFET circuit and capable of providing a very wide range of overdriven tones from light grit to full saturation.

Given the MOSFET design, the Gunslinger provides the touch-sensitivity and articulation of playing a tube amp, available in a compact, familiar looking stompbox. The Gunslinger performs equally well when used to drive an already dirty amp, as the main overdrive sound, or simply as a boost.

Drive and level knobs control amount of input and output gain, and the high and low EQ allow you to tailor the sound to your particular setup.

One of the best features of the Gunslinger is the option to run at 18v (in addition to the standard 9v) for increased headroom and more ‘open’ sound. True bypass switching and an all-metal enclosure round out a solid overdrive pedal that’s definitely worth checking out. – Brandon Stoner